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“I knew that was where I belonged, in a family’s home, photographing their everyday and capturing their unique story,” says photographer Aimee McNamee. “My love for observing family life came full circle. That felt like a magical, secret honor to me. I could actually trap a family’s story in time through the art of photography and give them a gift to have forever.”


100 Best Photography Products of 2017 - Click's Best

A detailed list of gadgets and gizmos for photographers to drool over and add to their wish lists. This project left no stone unturned looking for the most helpful, most unique, and most clever products for the photo studio, gearbag and client.


where the wild things are
professional photographer

Wildlife photographer Marina Cano talks about her passion for photographing animals in their natural habitats and how she has a knack for being in just the right place at the right time for their most intimate moments.